Memory Café

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Published by Justin Dodd on Monday, 14 August 2023 16:52
Memory Café

The Memory Café at St Barnabas Ealing is a meeting place for all in our local community, especially those suffering from any form of memory loss. We meet every Thursday morning from 10.30-12 in the church.

While Memory Café is designed for those who are lonely or live alone and those who are having memory difficulties, there is a warm welcome to everyone. Carers are invited to stay with the person they are looking after and enjoy meeting other carers. We are delighted that a large group from our local residential home for those with dementia also come regularly.

We have a lively band of volunteers who prepare coffee, tea and homemade cake for our guests and spend time chatting with them. There are a variety of activities each week including quizzes, bingo, art classes, keep fit, community singing and live piano music. We have also enjoyed drama put on by the local Questors theatre.   Occasionally we watch events on the ‘big screen’ such as Trooping the Colour and state events including the Coronation.

Ealing Council has supported our outreach into the community with a ‘Warm Spaces grant’ and we are grateful for other charitable donations.

The café is attended regularly and we serve around 30 guests a week and always welcome any newcomers who drop in.

Please do contact Mthr Valerie Aitken on 07968345992 if you would like to volunteer at the Café or you know someone who might like to come along and join us.

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